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5 Ways to Create Your Brand

There are a number of brands that when you say their names you know exactly what their logo looks like. When you hear the word “McDonalds” you most likely think of the golden arches. They have created a memorable brand for their business. One that has outlasted any trends that pop up throughout the years. So not only do you want to create a brand for your business, you want to make it stand the test of time. Here are some tips to guide you in the right direction.

Select the correct path

Select the correct path

Ignore the Trends

Creating a unique brand has very little to do with current trends. Consumers are looking for something that will stand the test of time. A trend is simply something that is cool for a very short period of time. Over time, trends become annoying and in many cases, forgotten. When you are looking for a way to brand yourself or your business, you need to think outside of the box and be creative. Anyone can create a brand, but if you can create a memorable one, then that is truly special.

Originality is Key logo which elegantly targets their market audience

Defining a brand identity that is truly unique means that you cannot spend your time focusing on what everybody else is doing. If you are trying to be like someone else then you will not stand out from the competition. Get down to your core values and beliefs. What do you want to accomplish as a business? What do you want to bring to consumers that nobody else is bringing? What makes you truly unique? These are questions you must ask yourself before you try to create a brand identity for you and your business. Take as an example. This oriental rug store have created a brand that is unique, direct and that speak to their market.

Defining Your Brand

If you have no definition for your brand then you have no brand. Who is your target audience? Who do you hope to appeal to? You must be able to convey your passions to a much wider audience. Whether you sell sporting goods or provide accounting services, you need to make sure you are fully aware of who you are trying to appeal to. This also helps consumers to better understand the services you offer.

Simple is Best

mercedes, logo, car It is important when you are creating a brand identity for your business not to be too descriptive or overly complicated. If consumers do not understand your brand or what you offer they will soon find someone else that they do understand. Remain simple when you are creating a logo for your business. Consumers are looking for something they can remember, not something fancy. Remember the McDonald’s logo?

Is that complicated? Of course not. This is why we remember it. Remaining simple and true to yourself is the key to what creates your brand.


No matter what business you are in, it is important to have a well-defined brand that consumers understand and can relate to. In most cases, simplicity is the best way to relate to consumers. It is not necessary to over-complicate things.


Is she cheating on you? The 5 signs you should never ignore

Love makes the world go round, they say. It’s a many-splendored thing – it’s even the title of an old-school movie made long ago.

“Classic love movie”


When you’ve found the woman of your dreams, you are not only in love, but feel inspired, high on life, and even invincible. The sweet, adoring love of a good woman is more valuable than gold.

French philosopher Jean de La Bruyère opined that “the sweetest of all sounds is that of the voice of the woman we love.”

This is undoubtedly true, as many a love-struck man will admit. But that sweet sound can go suddenly and horribly sour at the realization that your sweetheart might be cheating on you.

Hopefully, this excruciating experience won’t ever happen to you. However, knowledge is power, so educate yourself to avoid being taken for a fool. Read on to find out 5 signs that your lady love might be giving out some of that love on the side.

She treats her phone like a nuclear device

Signs She's Cheating on you

Is she cheating?


Look, we all have a bit of a smartphone addiction these days, and it’s not uncommon to become glued to it at times. Whether you’re playing Angry Birds, reading funny tweets, or texting – we all do that, and it’s not suspicious behavior. If it was, a lot of people would be in trouble!

In addition, it’s not wrong to expect privacy on your phone, whether or not you’re in a serious relationship.

However, if your girl suddenly puts three kinds of password code requirements on her phone, takes it with her whenever she leaves the room (even just to go to the restroom) and freaks out if you touch it – this is a red flag.

She deserves privacy, just like you do – but unless she has something to hide, or is in charge of nuclear war codes, there is no reason on earth for her to treat her phone like it will explode on impact if someone else touches it.

She is suddenly busy. Very, very busy

No one is immune to the busy nature of life today. Whether one is in a relationship or not – there are numerous demands on our time. Work, business meetings, workout sessions at the gym, school – all take chips out of our waking hours.

There is nothing even remotely suspicious about being busy. Even when there is a certain stretch of time, like studying for finals, preparing for an important work presentation, and so on – there is no need for alarm.

Busy busy busy!

“Busy busy busy”


On the other hand, if your girl is inexplicably “too busy” for quality time with you, with no warning and no identifiable good reason – this is a signal that something might be amiss.

Add volume to that signal if she is vague or even secretive about her whereabouts or activities. If she gets unusually defensive if you ask (reasonable) questions about what she is up to lately, it’s time to assess what is going on.

New clothes, new man?

Shopping more?

“Sudden and extreme change in behavior doesn’t need to be anything bad “


It’s sensible and fair to want to look your best, and that goes for your girl as well. In fact, having a girlfriend or wife who takes pride in looking nice is a very good sign.

Still, if she suddenly starts buying new outfits, sexy heels and accessories at an alarming rate – well, that could be cause for alarm.  Especially if she is also suddenly paying attention to grooming habits you’ve never expected or noticed. Weekly waxing, pedicures, hairstyles and other new looks and habits that seem to come out of nowhere – might not have “come out of nowhere.”

Is she suddenly feeling passionate about impressing you? Maybe. But if she is vamping it up style-wise, yet spending less time with you – that’s not a good sign.

Paranoia mode

If your typically self-confident and secure girlfriend starts acting suspicious about your every move, this is behavior that needs explaining.


If you aren’t up to anything but life-as-usual and aren’t being suddenly secretive, then why would she suddenly become insecure?

Answer: she’s probably not insecure at all, she’s just diverting your attention from her own less-than-stellar behavior.

“Sorry, I’ve got a headache”

No one should expect their significant other to always be “on” and ready for a roll in the hay. Especially once you have passed the honeymoon phase of your relationship, it’s natural and quite normal for the quantity of your sexual sessions to go down a bit.

If she is suddenly putting it off repeatedly, and making up numerous creative excuses to get out of lovemaking, this is definitely a bad sign.

It could be she is depressed, or just going through a rough time at work or school, but if you suspect that neither of those reasons apply to the dry spell, it’s decidedly suspicious.

Bottom line

While it is important to stay alert to the red flags and signs of an unfaithful partner, it is easily critical to not rush to judgment. There are many reasons your girl could behave oddly at any given time, and usually it’s not because she is cheating.

Couple together watching sunset

“Couple together watching sunset”


If she is unfaithful, though, this list is a very good guide to the most common signs.

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